St. Joseph, Our Guide

Welcome!  I am glad you found this website devoted to St. Joseph.  Its purpose is to help you grow closer to St. Joseph and through him be drawn closer to Mary and Jesus.  This website is in its infancy stage so I hope you will visit it often and participate in its growth.  You can email your ideas to

Brief Background:

God the Father wanted Jesus to have both a father and mother to watch over and guide Him.  St. Joseph has a tremendous love for Mary and Jesus.  Jesus not only learned from His earthly father, but also was molded by him into a man for God.

Many of the Saints throughout the centuries teach us that Joseph played a crucial role in God’s plan for redeeming the world.  They also talk about St. Joseph’s love for Christ’s people on earth and his willingness to help them. 

In 1847, (188 years ago) the Diocese of Buffalo was founded and placed under St. Joseph’s protection.  Twenty-three years later, in 1870, Pope Pius IX declared St. Joseph as the patron of the Universal Church.  This means that the Church formally recognized St. Joseph as the father of the mystical body of Christ, the Church.  Another way of saying this is that St. Joseph is your spiritual father, like the Blessed Virgin Mary is your spiritual mother.  This year is the 150th anniversary of the naming of St. Joseph as the Patron of the Universal Church.  

When Mary appeared at Fatima, Joseph also appeared with Jesus and blessed the people.  If you have a devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, reflect on how happy it will make her when you are honoring her husband.

For now I would like to encourage you to turn to St. Joseph and let him guide you.  Once again I encourage you to visit this page often and send your ideas and suggestions to the email address …

May St. Joseph come to the aid of our troubled world and help all fathers to follow his example of being a man dedicated to God and a great dad and husband.

Peace and Healing

Fr. David Bellittiere